Dingo Games is an independent game developer located in Vancouver, Canada.

Originally started by programmer James Sayer, Dingo Games became a husband and wife team when he married artist Kristin Wilson (now Kristin Sayer). Tasty Blue is their latest project, a sequel to the well received original Tasty Planet.


James Sayer started Dingo Games around 2003 while he was still in university studying Computer Science. The first game he made was a space trading game called Jack of All Trades. Later he made the sidescrolling underwater game Laser Dolphin. He met his future wife Kristin doing varsity fencing. They made the “eat-em-up” game Tasty Planet together (Kris is an artist and was studying graphic design). They got married, moved from Toronto to Vancouver, and made The Three Musketeers: The Game. That’s a quick summary of Dingo Games so far.

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