Class/Type Shark
Region Arctic
First Level Partaking of Plankton
Latest Level Sliding Crates
Appearances 16

Nano-shark is a shark-like creature created by two scientists while the world is calling for help to get rid of two

massive genus, as logic which identify as Goldfish and the Dolphin.



  • Nano-shark is created by the scientists (who also created the Grey Goo that destroyed once the universe) in order to eliminate two giant sea creatures, which is the Goldfish and the Dolphin.
  • He is created as the size of microorganisms, begins by eating the plankton in the ocean, and then grows bigger to eat the whole planet inside out.


  • The Nano-shark is created by the scientists in a jar full of water. Later, the old scientist pours the water in the jar including the Nano-shark into the ocean, which is in the Arctic. His size is currently as small as the phytoplankton, just like the Grey Goo created in the first time with the size of dirt particles.

He started eating phytoplankton, krill, prawn and fishes in the first level, Partaking of Plankton. After reaching to the size of centimeters, he is now able to eat crates, penguins, polar bears, etc... and later begins to eat garbage in the Garbage level. He then grows to dozens of meters long, causing the government to begin attacking him by sending jets. Unfortunately, they are futile to stop him, and the Nano-shark eats them too.

  • After failing to stop the Nano-shark, he continues eating other entities, including whales, ships and even icebergs. He is now able to consume the two sea monsters eating the whole world as well, which are the Goldfish and Dolphin. Although he got rid of them, he is still eating and growing bigger to the size of Earth's crust.
  • First, he eats Earth's crust, and then the Earth's mantle, outer core and finally the core itself. When the Earth's core is eaten by the Nano-shark, the Earth begins to explode and releases many of Earth's chunks. Not like the way the Grey Goo did, the Nano-shark destroys the Earth by eating it inside out compared to the Grey Goo eating it independently, which is outside in. He also eats the Moon orbiting around the Earth.
  • The Nano-shark is a special creature, not only does he have an ability to eat everything smaller than him, he also has an ability to breath in space. In the final cutscene of Tasty Blue, we can clearly see that his size now is bigger than Mars and every planet in solar system. While eating the rest of the planet, the scientists are trying to active failsafe mode, but fail. He then grows even bigger and probably continues eating the rest of the universe. Will he ever get a chance to face with the Grey Goo that destroyed the universe twice?




Trivia Edit

  • He is the only character that eats the entire planet in Tasty Blue
  • Blood Version With Earth
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