The Cleaning Cat is the starting animal from Tasty Planet Forever. In the story, it was a prototype cat used on a restaurant to clean it, but got a wrong command and started to eat everything smaller than it and used auto-replicating to grow up after eating.

Objects Edit

Levels Edit

Story Edit

  1. A Lesson in Cleanliness
  2. Leave The Streets
  3. Waiter, There's a Giant Cat in My Soup
  4. Somewhere Beyond the Streets
  5. C'est si Bonbon
  6. Rond-Point
  7. Tour de Baguette
  8. Oh No It's the Flics!
  9. Fast Food Cafe
  10. Vos Cerveaux
  11. We'll Always Have Paris

Bonus Edit

  1. Poodle Party
  2. Haute Cochroaches
  3. Bad Cop Bon Cop
  4. Pocket Bread
  5. The Great Mouse-Cat-Dog Hunt
  6. Ceci n'est pas un Knife
  7. Clumsy Chat
  8. Fast and Frenchioust
  9. Nonstandard Poodle
  10. Mice Not Nice
  11. Tree-mendous
  12. Who Let the Dogs In?
  13. The Sharp Side Will Hurt
  14. Why Did the Cat Cross the Road

Metal Cat Edit

Once you unlock 350 stars (or 4000 credits with Martian Goo unlocked on the new version), you get to play the character without his skin and just his robotic husk. It has green glowing eyes and metal hinges for joints. Another difference is the voice is more robotic. This might be what Parisian Cat's insides look like.

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