Position 5th
Character Grey Goo
Number of levels 6
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Park is the fifth world in Tasty Planet. There are six levels and one cutscene in this world.


In the world's first and only cutscene, we see that a whale throws the Grey Goo out of the ocean. The old scientist and his apprentice can not tell where the grey goo landed, so they go back inside the laboratory for tea. Meanwhile, the grey goo lands in a park, having shrunken down to the size of 4.48 centimeters. Throughout the world's six levels, the grey goo eats various animals at the park, eventually becoming 1.5 meters, big enough to eat humans.

Edible ObjectsEdit


#. Picture Name Starting point Required Tip
1 Park 1 4.48 centimeters 22 centimeters -
2 Park 2 5.6 centimeters 40 centimeters -
3 Park 3 6.56 centimeters 60 centimeters -
4 Park 4 26.8 centimeters 150 cats Collect 150 cats as fast as you can.
5 Park 5 31.6 centimeters 1.5 meters -
6 Park 6 52 centimeters 1.5 meters -

Major EventsEdit

  • The old scientist and his apprentice lose the Grey Goo.
  • The grey goo is thrown a long distance by a whale, landing in a park in a nearby city.
  • The grey goo grows in size to 1.5 meters and manages to eat some humans, including police officers.


  • This world is the first to feature humans.

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