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Position 3rd
Character Grey Goo
Number of levels 7
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Picnic Table is the third world in Tasty Planet. There are seven levels and one cutscene in this world.


The grey goo climbs onto the table on which the old scientist and his apprentice are having a picnic. However, he has now shrunken in size to 8.51 millimeters so the scientists do not notice it. The goo then eats food, toys, animals and other things on the table to increase its size to 21 centimeters.

Edible Objects


#. Picture Name Starting point Required Tip
1 Picnic Table 1 8. 51 millimeters 5 centimeters -
2 Picnic Table 2 1.9 centimeters 9 centimeters Eat the face made out of dice, blocks and dominos.
3 Picnic Table 3 1.88 centimeters 4 corner pieces Navigate through the domino maze and pick up the four puzzle pieces.
4 Picnic Table 4 1.05 centimeters 8 centimeters -
5 Picnic Table 5 1.65 centimeters Combined total of 25 corner pieces, edge pieces and puzzle pieces. Make your way through the maze and collect the entire puzzle.
6 Picnic Table 6 1.79 centimeters 15 centimeters -
7 Picnic Table 7 2.01 centimeters 21 centimeters -

Major Events

  • The Grey Goo comes across the old scientist and his apprentice again.
  • The Grey Goo grows to 21 centimeters in size.

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