Scarab is a species of dung beetle. It occurs in coastal dunes and marshes around the Mediterranean Basin. Among the coprophagous species of beetles, it is typical of those that collect dung into balls. Such a beetle rolls its ball to a suitable location, where it digs an underground chamber in which it hides the ball. It then either eats the ball itself, or lays an egg in it, covers the chamber, and departs, repeating the procedure as many times as it can. The larva feeds on the ball of dung after the egg hatches. This behaviour inspired the Ancient Egypt to compare Scarab sacer to Khepri, their Sun god. They accordingly held the species to be sacred.


  • Scarabs can hurt players, if players touch their appearance, they hurt players


  • You can push Scarabs if your size growing to about 1/2 Scarabs size.

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Size Edit

  • About 2.03 centimeters.



  • No trivia.