Tasty Planet
Tasty Planet
Game Information
Players 1 player
Characters Grey Goo
Developers Dingo Games
Publishers Dingo Games
Release Date
Windows/Mac November 23rd, 2006
iOS February 14th, 2011
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Tasty Planet is a game developed by Dingo Games in which the player controls a grey blob that "eats" everything it sees, growing bigger with every item it eats.The game starts with the blob eating things at a microspcopic scale, but eventually moving up to universal.

A sequel to Tasty Planet was later created, named Tasty Planet: Back for Seconds.

Later, two more games came out: Tasty Blue, and Tasty Planet Forever.

It was later re-released with an updated graphics mode on Steam.

Gameplay ModesEdit

  • There are three different game modes to choose from in Tasty Planet:
    • Casual
    • Time Attack/Normal
    • Endurance


Tasty Planet Game Trailer

Tasty Planet Game Trailer

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