Tyrannosaurus Rex
Class/Type Dinosaur
Color Dark Brown and Light Brown
Region Late Cretaceous
First Level Bigger than Dinos
Latest Level Save the Dinosaurs Hard
Appearances 6

Tyrannosaurus rex is a genus of coelurosaurian theropod dinosaur. Tyrannosaurus had a much wider range than other tyrannosaurids. Fossils are found in a variety of rock formations dating to the Maastrichtian age of the upper Cretaceous Period, 67 to 66 million years ago. It was among the last non-avian dinosaurs to exist before the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event.

In Tasty Planet Back for Seconds, they can be found in Late Cretaceous.


  • About 6.03 meters

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  • In life, Tyrannosaurus Rex had excellent binocular vision, exceeding that of a modern Eagle. Its vision was not based on movement alone.
  • Tyrannosaurus may have possessed feathers, a trait inferred by phylogenetic bracketing (If all of T-Rex's close relatives had feathers, it may have had them too). However, most paleontologists now disagree with this claim, even those who previously supported this theory. Rex's feathers were more like the hair on an elephant, rather than the feathers of a bird, if feathers were actually present.